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You're always at home and never alone at Fat Harry's

About Fat Harry's Pub (The Mirabelle)

It all started 35 years ago, when the (late) Joseph Debattista, an enterpreneur, had decided to open a new catering business for his children right in the heart of an emerging tourist resort by the name of Bugibba. Hence The Mirabelle Snack Bar was born! Between 1981 and 1987 the snack bar was a hit with locals and tourists alike who flocked to the establishment daily. 20 hour food and drink sessions were in fact the order of the day.

In 1987 Mirabelle Snack Bar saw the first expansion, and soon Joseph and his family were celebrating the opening of The Mirabelle Bar and Restaurant. This was yet again a hit with thousands of patrons who graced the establishment with their presence day in day out.

Towards the year 2000 Malta had become a modern European economy and this saw the influx of International catering  giants such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC to name but a few.

The Debattista family had one choice, either throw the towel in or compete. Marshalled forward by Joseph’s son, Rennie Debattista, the Mirabelle Bar and Restaurant saw another significant change in the premises. This saw the birth of Fat Harry’s Pub, built on ideas from the (late) Richard Young and the Debattista family. This pub was the perfect competitor to the big International chains and soon became a hit with old and new clients alike, thus complementing the excellent track record belonging to Mirabelle Restaurant.


Things were going extremely well until the family lost Joseph in October 2004. The Debattista family turned grief into positivity when they invested and created a 2nd outlet, Fat Harry’s Pub, at Malta International Airport. This new outlet was totally dedicated to the man whose vision in 1979 was the mastermind behind this continuing success story.

Mirabelle Restaurant and Fat Harry’s Pub Directors:
All Debattista: Angela, Isabelle, Rennie, Godwin and Ronald.


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